How to overcome the loss of mud in a borehole?

Working in drilling wells, staff is involved in different cases that hinder the normal development of the work, one of those cases can be loss recovery with sludge without vibrating tool.

Mud loss is a common problem when it comes to mining exploration, and refers to the loss of mud so that filtering can not be put back on track, in addition to this problem, we have the continuing heavy tool with vibration and work, these cases make up the cost of field work and can also bring other problems.

In these cases and when this proceeding in soft lithologies (deformable materials exist) should be:

  • Apply CASE LUBE 20 Kilograms for every 100-150 meters of pipe.
  • Be cemented adding type Sika setting accelerator.
  • And we waited about 2 hours to continue the work.

For lithologies hard (or hard rock material deformation) should follow the same procedure.

In any type of case SystemMud provides products to maintain the well in operation. With these recommendations and actions you can get out of every mud loss without recovery with vibrating tool in a borehole.

Remember that in IMPOMIN MUD SYSTEMS we offer solutions to the difficulties that may arise, all thanks to our products and geotechnical drilling muds.

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