What is the loss of circulation in a borehole?

The mining drilling can be performed both soft lithologies as in the harsh, a lithology is a land mass in the soft subsoil are deformable materials exist and are hard or difficult rocky material deformation. In any type of case SystemMud offers products to keep the well in operation.

This is the formula pattern that facilitates operations on soft lithologies, for 1000 L of water add:

  • 500 G Sodium Carbonate Light
  • 12,5 kg of BENTONITA
  • 400 G of Celutrol
  • 0,5 L of SM 2000 o 150 g of SUPERVIS

Now, what to do if there is a loss of movement, whichis a common problem in mining cases, and refers to the loss of mud into the formations, this factor contributes to the high costs of mud, and leads to wellbore instability , stuck pipe among many other problems that could arise.

To remedy this situation in any type of soil consider the following measures:

  • Add 400 g of SUPER EXPAND and/or of 6 to 12 kg of SM SEAL
  • Mix in a bucket with water SM SEAL and just add it to the sludge tank
  • Lift the tool to 5 meters from the place of loss and add SUPER EXPAND inside the pipe for 2 minutes and then wait 10 minutes.

With these recommendations and actions you can get out of every lost circulation.

Remember that in IMPOMIN MUD SYSTEMS we offer solutions to the difficulties that may arise, all thanks to our products and geotechnical drilling muds.

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