IMPOMIN currently distributes these brands for product lines Tools and Supplies, Drilling muds and grases, Drillco Tools DTH Hammers and Bits.



JHCAN Group           JHCAN Group
It is a Canadian company that distributes all kinds of products, accessories and equipment for mining and geotechnical exploration.

It offers 24/7 through your site www.drillingproductssupply.com


DIMATEC Inc.            DIMATEC Inc.
Is a manufacturer of high quality metal bond diamond tools and related “down the hole” equipment that are used primarily by the mineral exploration and the geotechnical survey industries.

More information visit www.dimatec.com


System Mud            System Mud
Is a Brazilian company specialized in biodegradable fluids for drilling and maintenance and cleaning products.

More information visit http://www.systemmud.com.br/eng/


Drillco Tools            Drillco Tools - Martillos y Bits DTH
Is a privately owned Chilean company that designs, manufactures and markets drilling Down the Hole (DTH) percussion hammers, drills and equipment for mining, construction, oil and gas and water wells.

More information visit http://drillcotools.cl/